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Paducah's Historic Bakery and Deli


Original Old World methods and proven family recipes for artisan breads, cookies, bars and cakes, baked fresh daily.

Bread  Salt Rising  $5.50
Country French  $4.00 5 Cheese Bread   $5.00
Farmhouse Wheat $4.00 Ciabatta  $4.00
Heidelberg Rye $4.00 Cinnamon Raisin  $5.50
Jewish Rye  $4.00 Big Boy $3.50
Pain Beaucaire $4.00 Sourdough $4.50
Pain De Rosemary $4.00 Salt Rising $4.50
Onion Caraway $5.00 Foccacia  small $5.00  large $7.50
Pain au Levain $4.00 Baguette $2.60
Baker’s Loaf $4.00 Challah $6.50
Spinach Garlic $4.00 Sun-dried Tomato Basil  $5.00
Cranberry Walnut  $5.50 Garlic Tuscan  $4.00
Rustic Olive  $5.00
9 Grain  $4.00
Cupcakes-starting at $1.50ea Peasant Loaf  $4.00
Volkornbrot  $5.00
$1.00 each or $12.00/dozen
*Chocolate Chip BARS $2.50
 *Honey Walnut *Lemon Square
*Peanut Butter *Raspberry Square
*Oatmeal *Oatmeal Raisin *Plain Brownie
*Cranoatie (Oatmeal, Cranberry & White Choc)

*Cowboy (Oatmeal Cookie w/Choc Chips & Pecans)

*Chess Bar (Butter, Sugar, Cream Cheese, Egg, very creamy, cakelike crust)
*Heath Toffee
*Triple Chocolate (Milk, Dark & White Choc Chips)
*Snickerdoodle (Sugar Cookie Rolled in Cinnamon & Sugar)
*Mocha Chip (Coffee Flavor Choc Cookie w/ White & Milk Choc Chips) BARS $2.75
*Sugar *Southern Pecan Bar  *Praline & Cream
*Hand Decorated Shortbread starting at $2.00ea *Brownies   *All Good Bar (Chocolate Walnut Crust w/ Peanut Butter Filling, Covered in Chocolate Ganache)
Breakfast *Millionaire Shortbread (Shortbread Crust, Caramel Center Covered in Chocolate Ganache)
*Bear Claws $2.85  *Baklava  *Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bar
*Plain Croissant  $1.25
*Cinnamon Roll   $3.00 Pies $14.95 – $16.95
*Sticky Buns   $3.00 Made to order 24 hour notice please
*Small Danish    $2.00 Cakes $32.00
*Scones   $1.25 Makers Mark Chocolate
*Bagels          $1.50 Red Velvet
*Quiche          $2.50 Carrot
 *Biscuits with bacon or ham       $2.50 Chocolate Lovers
 *Ham and Swiss Croissants  $2.85 Made to order 24 hour notice please